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The Proposal (BTS)

When I knew I had the chance to propose to Corinth on our trip to Toronto and it would also be her birthday, I thought what better day to propose than on her birthday! Before the trip, Corinth asked if I could plan the entire trip as a birthday gift to her which meant I had full control of what we did each day on our trip. I’m glad she gave me this task because it made planning the proposal much easier.

I proposed to Corinth on her birthday and God truly made sure the entire day went just as planned. It was so dreamy and perfect, definitely the best day of my life yet. To read Corinth’s blog post of the entire day including the proposal, click here!


Growing up I had read plenty of engagement stories and had seen many proposals on tv, movies and even online with the ever-growing number of YouTube proposal videos. There are infinite ways to pop the question and you can certainly make it unique if you really give it some thought. I wanted to avoid any cliches but I knew that as long as I made it personal and from my heart that it wouldn’t matter how I asked Corinth for her hand in marriage, it would still be special. 

When I began thinking of how I would pop the question to Corinth, I seriously had no idea of how to do it. Until one night, Corinth and I were video chatting and she mentioned that she wanted to open a gift on her birthday even if it was just one. As soon as she said this, I felt a light bulb light up in my head and I finally had an idea! I would find an odd shaped box to place the ring inside it and that would be the gift that she wanted all along, the ultimate birthday gift! I had the basic idea and now I had to find a way to execute it right.


One night I was over my mom’s house and I was telling her of how I planned to propose to Corinth at Niagara Falls. While speaking to her I noticed there was a tissue box on the table next to her and immediately I knew I had found the box that I would use to place the ring inside. At that moment everything came together perfectly in my head! There would be a ring inside a tissue box with socks for padding and added weight, tissues inside the box for Corinth’s tears when she unwrapped the gift and realized that I was about to propose, and an elegantly wrapped gift to throw Corinth off with any guesses as to what was inside the box!


I used Google Maps to find the exact location of where I would propose to Corinth and I decided on Queen Victoria Park. Using the Map view and looking at many pictures, it seemed like the best spot away from the tourist crowd and no intimidating people around to ruin the moment.

May 24, 2014 was a day we’ll remember for the rest of our lives. The weather was beautiful, the sun and time of day was just right and the mood was as good as it gets. The moment finally came and I popped the question just like I had planned in my head. She cried so the tissues inside the box were a clever idea, we kissed, we hugged and of course she said YES.


Credits to my mom for the perfect gift wrapping and my brother, sister and Corinth’s sisters for keeping it a complete secret. It took many weeks of planning for this very special moment and I feel so blessed and thankful that God truly made it a memorable day for Corinth and I. Our favorite day yet.