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Richard + Nichole - Coming Soon


This past weekend we headed up to a little town in Connecticut called Thompson where we were given the privilege to film a good friend’s wedding.Thompson is located just below the Massachusets border and a short drive to Rhode Island. Throughout the entire weekend we bounced back and forth driving between these three states in preparation for the big day. While our original plan was to leave MD on Friday night, we decided to leave a day earlier so we could be a little more aware of what to expect. So we left on Thursday night and arrived early Friday morning to our hotel in Providence, RI where we were able to take a quick nap and freshen up. We then left Providence min afternoon and arrived at the church in Thompson just in time for the rehearsal to witness how everything was going to play out. We even took the opportunity to get some B Roll shots that day to use for the film. For this wedding we wanted to start incorporating time lapses (we believe they make any wedding film a million times better even if they are only 5 seconds long!) so we set up our camera and tripod and began to film. The clouds were cooperating with us that day and they provided the perfect sky for our time lapse. Later that evening it was off to Webster, Massachusets for a rehearsal dinner that we were kindly invited to, we ate delicious home cooked food, maybe a little too much, but nevertheless, very delicious. As the night crawled in, we made our way back to our hotel room in Providence to get everything ready to go, as well as some much needed sleep, for the next morning. 

On Saturday morning we were up nice and early and made our way to Nichole’s house to begin filming the prep. After getting the necessary shots for the bridemaids’ prep, we later made our way to a nearby hotel in Auburn, MA to film the groomsmens’ prep. It was getting closer to that time everyone was anticipating, the ceremony. We raced back down to Thompson and arrived at the church with plenty of time to get some last minute shots before the ceremony started. This church was small but very much beautiful and it made the perfect setting for a storybook wedding! We couldn’t of asked for a better ceremony/reception, everything flowed so smoothly and we cant wait to finish the edit. 

We love road trips so the 6 hour drive was nothing but an adventure that included loud music, laughing, bathroom stops and of course, food! 

Stay tuned for Richard & Nichole’s wedding day highlight!

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