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Engagement Ring


Never did I imagine I’d be shopping for an engagement ring this early in life but I did and I have to say I enjoyed the process quite a lot. I can admit that I’m somewhat of a perfectionist, especially when I do something for someone that I truly care about. With that said, buying the ring that my wife would wear for the rest of her life would require that I make the perfect choice.

My approach to getting Corinth the best diamond I possibly could give her in regards to quality and budget was to first learn about what characteristics give a diamond its beauty and value. It started with me learning the 4 Cs of diamonds, Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat and later went into more detailed measurements like symmetry of a diamond and table/depth percentages. Understanding how these 4 Cs and different criteria affect a diamond is essential to being able to choose one that will look beautiful on your partner’s finger and refract/reflect light like a diamond should. 

After many weeks of studying and gaining as much knowledge as I possibly could, it was time to start diamond hunting. In my time spent educating myself I also learned that buying through an online dealer is dramatically cheaper than from a local dealer. I tested this myself by actually visiting a couple local dealers and I confirmed that it is indeed more expensive to buy at a local dealer and I assume that has to do with local dealers having more overhead expenses. Because of that, I made the decision to buy online which would give me the best quality diamond ring within my budget. Since every diamond from Blue Nile, the online dealer, comes with a detailed grading report, I knew exactly what I was buying without ever seeing it in person!


The engagement ring I finally chose was a round cut diamond on a solitaire setting. I took the photo above with the ring on my finger the day the ring arrived in the mail and I was so freaking ecstatic! I couldn’t believe I had actually bought the ring that I would propose to Corinth with and it was so perfect! The diamond size was exactly what I wanted for Corinth and the way it refracted light was exactly how a diamond should. I knew that this ring would forever be a reminder of my deep love for Corinth every time she wears it on her finger. I humbly and honestly say that I am super proud of myself for doing such a great job at making the purchase of my life.